Allison Solano

Allison writes weird things. She got her MA in Screenwriting at the London Film School and also went to Clarion West, where she studied under Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, and other very impressive people. She writes TV, movies, short films, comics, podcast, and copy. She also edits things other people make up. You can find out SO MUCH MORE (maybe not that much more) at

When Allison isn’t spending her days having vivid hallucinations and writing them down, she enjoys drawing abstract art, stress baking, and reading/watching stories. Allison has Stockholm syndrome for LA, meaning she spends a lot of time in traffic and looking at pictures of food on the Internet. The last time she cleaned the bathroom she got two different kinds of chemicals in her eye. Don’t worry she’s fine now.


Sean Morgan

Sean is a Californian cartoonist who studied illustration at the California College of the Arts. He is best unknown for his critically ignored webcomic series Nipples on the Batsuit. Sean’s been drawing comics ever since he could hold a pencil, despite his elementary school teachers telling him he held it wrong. His handwriting may still be illegible but he draws a mean yeti. 

Sean cannot name all fifty states and is not good at math, but can sing along to EVERY Weird Al song and eat more than two tacos. Further, with the help of several Mojitos, Sean went on an adventure through time and space and awoke in the future with a TARDIS tattoo. His wife, cats, and dog put up with his antics.

He draws good. He is funny. Those are his things.