Doc Yeti Fuk’son (40)

Doc is a former San Sela Police Officer with a PhD from the streets. Docs based his identity off his successful career and Grade A puns. Now that both of those are gone, it’s mostly self-doubt and whiskey.  I mean… he’s totally fine. Don’t even worry about it.

Juris Doctorate “JD” Yeti Fuk’son (37)

JD can’t read sarcasm, loves working late, and dry toast. She’s not passionate about patent law, but has a sweet toaster at work. She worries about her big brother Doc and is moderately peeved no one calls her Juris. Get used to it, JD.

Charlotte Hero Fuk’son (17)

Charlotte loves true crime and her yeti heritage.  Her middle name is Hero, but she doesn’t have to save everyone…right?

Chief Winnow (44)

The Chief isn’t from a tradition academy like Doc’s. Puns and feelings don’t come easy.  But she could probably kill you.

Larry (26) 

Larry went to Harvard with a major in “Science!” He’s probably cake tasting right now. Or arrested. You know. Science stuff.

Shawnee (22)

Shawnee works at Kairos Casino and chews gum just so you know she’s disinterested.  She’s hotter than you. She knows you know.